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The Florida Keys will be our jumping off spot for exploring the many islands comprising the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and waters surrounding Cuba. But wherever we go in these waters we will be treated not only to the warmth of the local people, but to the warm and steady Trade Winds, where sailing can be relied upon.

What makes this cruise of ours special is that we will be using our sleek and fast F27 Trimaran to do the "islands circuit". We can easily cruise at 8 to 12 knots in her- making for quick island to island passages without overnighting.




  • Tow the F37 trimaran by trailer from Victoria, B.C  Canada to Fort Lauderdale - February 24 to March 4 (10 days est.)
  • Cruise the Florida Keys to familiarize ourselves with the boat and crew before departing for islands south - March 5 to 16th  (12 days est.)
  • Cruise the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos - March 17 to April 7th (22 days est.)
  • Cruising the waters off Cuba and adjacent islands, with return to Florida - April 8 to May 5 (28 days est.). 
  • Tow the boat back to my home in Victoria, B.C. Canada - May 6 to May 15 (10 days est.)



Adventurer(s) Wanted to Cruise the Caribbean with Me

If you are an adventurous and fun spirit who would enjoy exploring the islands and waters of the Caribbean the winter of 2017, read on:

You can join me for one or more of the following options aboard our trimaran: 

1) Cruise only the waters of the Florida Keys,

2) Cruise the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and/or

3) Cruise around Cuba with a stop-over in Havana (and other permitted Cuban ports) before heading back to Florida.


The vessel we will be using is an F27 trimaran, a fast and smooth ocean racer- albeit with tight quarters but with a 20 foot beam which affords ample deck space. I will be taking along an inflatable and perhaps kayak, together with snorkelling and fishing gear.

Sail experience of some kind is essential, especially  for the second and third legs when we head south from Florida. As a sail Instructor I would be willing to provide some instruction.  Travel costs would be shared.

If crew were to accompany me for the entire trip, including travel to and from Florida, we would be away for an estimated 2 ½ months. Our overland route would take us along the West Coast to California, then across through Texas and the Gulf states to Florida.

Flexibility will be the key to where we go and stay. I would like to think that the best "compass" for our explorations is to let let the trade winds, and the beauty of these islands and the people who call them home, be our guide each day.


I prefer to spend more time exploring islands and visiting with local people than just sailing. Flexibility to change course and being on a loose time schedule would be key for the person coming along, as is a good sense of humour.

If interested tell me more about yourself before arranging to phone or to Skype.