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(Sail Canada certification)

(1) BASIC CRUISING COURSE (5 days)Ibis heeling over in Oak Bay

Because our groups are small we can give you as much "hands-on" experience as possible. We also encourage home study prior to boarding, giving us more time to go ashore to explore and enjoy the islands enroute. We anchor in nearly all instances to add to your ability to sail independently, and we expect everyone to share in house-keeping duties.

2016 Dates aboard the Ibis:

August 15 to August 19 (filled) and possible dated in October TBA

Course Fees : $1350. plus 5% tax *

Fees for all the above courses presented above include all accommodation and all meals aboard. Also included are all learning materials including home-study book, log book, CYA exam and certification fee. You will be expected to bring along your sleeping bag, towel, and wash cloth. We supply pillows. We can also supply PFD's and rain gear if required. There will be no other costs other than those you may wish to spend on yourself while ashore.


2) THE VICTORIA "HOME" BASED CRUISING COURSE OPTION out of our Victoria base aboard the Ibis

sloop heelingThis option includes two weekends, followed by an evening session reviewing our home work, and completing the Ashore Exam. The Afloat Sessions will be conducted from 0900 to 1700 hours, out of Oak Bay Marina.

Course Fees : $925. (plus 5% tax). Includes CYA home-study book, log book, and exam. Participants will be expected to dress appropriately for sailing and to bring their own lunches.

Learn what it takes to be Crew and/or Skipper aboard a sloop-rigged sailboat. In completing this course, the holder is certified by Sail Canada (CYA) as being competent to either crew or skipper a sailing vessel of under 10 metres in conditions where: 1) no navigational hazards exist, 2) winds and seas are moderate, and 3) you are within "5 miles of safe harbour". It includes basic instruction in navigation.

A Sail Canada (CYA) course is recognized the world over and provides you with all the basic skills you will need to begin day cruising. And with some additional navigational training and experience, you should have the ability to cruise or charter a boat anywhere around the world.

We offer a range of cruising destinations for obtaining your Basic Cruising certification: These are generally 5 days but can be extended as desired to enable more practicing of skills and exploring.

(a) Gulf and San Juan Islands using our Beneteau. These courses can be arranged any time between April and the end of September, but will require a minimum of four students to go.

Because we like to teach "around" the course and not just to the exam,and recognizing that many students wlll not go on to take the Intermediate Cruising Course, we include additional training and discussion on a range of additional topics. For example, our course will also give you a good insight as to the kind of boats and equipment you might consider should you wish to buy, or whether chartering might be the better option for you.

Our method of teaching is to send you the study materials well before hand, so when you arrive, we can concentrate on developing your sailing and cruising skills.


Afloat knowledge and Skills taught will include boating terminology, safety and emergency procedures, knots, basic maintenance, sail handling, docking, anchoring, points of sail, reefing, passage planning, basic navigational skills, man overboard procedures, tides and currents, manoevering under power, Collision Regulations, weather, and much more. Check out the Sail Canada website the range of topics that will be covered under "Basic Cruising Standard".


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