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Our vessel, the Ibis is a modern and fully equipped ocean cruiser. Her self- furling main and jib (with all sheets leading back to the cockpit) make her fun and easy to sail. Her navigational aids include auto helm steering, radar, chart plotter and DSC radio. She sleeps 4 comfortably in two separate state rooms. For families and intimate groups another two persons can be accomodated in the spacious salon.

Creature comforts include a dodger and bimini to protect from wind, sun and spray. Her French designer has introduced a variety of features which make for an extemely spacious and comfortable boat for her size. For example, her large cockpit has a table with built-in ice chest. There are also many windows and sky lights, all with shades. Ibis's walk-through stern features a swim platform which is especially useful for launching our inflatable, for swimming, diving, and for retrieving crab traps.

The inflatable with outboard accompanies this vessel on day and overnight trips. If desired, kayaks can be taken along.






Blackfish, our 27 foot Trimaran, is a fast multihull capable of achieving 20 knots, if and when pressed for speed. She is comfortable to sail (heeling less than 12 degrees when underway)and features lots of deck space for walking and lounging.

Requiring less than 15 inches of water to float in with her centre board up, she can be conveniently beached. Kayaks can be carried along on our day sails to the islands.


Al Lubkowski teaches both "Introductory and Basic Cruising courses. Al's background is in regional and resource planning. His work has taken him to such beautiful places as the national parks, the Arctic and Nova Scotia. He eventually succombed to his wander lust by building a sailboat and sailing from Canada to the Caribbean and other exotic regions of the world. He is now happily moored on the West Coast, but still on the lookout for new adventures afield.


Al's sailing experience is extensive and spans over 35 years: his "blue-water" experience includes sailing on both east and west coasts of North America, the Bahamas, and along the coasts of Belize and Australia (both as skipper on his own boat and as crew). In the late 1980's Al conducted sailing and jungle exploration tours in Belize with his company, Caribbean Expeditions. In 2015 he participated in the Race to Alaska.

Since 1991 however, Al has restricted his marine activities to Victoria and the waters around Vancouver island, first as a kayak guide and now as a sailing instructor and Skipper. There are few areas around Vancouver Island that Al is not familiar.

The sailing programs and charters Al offers reflect not only his life-long love for adventure and exploration, but Al's desire to share this knowledge and experience with others. Being the naturalist and story teller that he is, Al will certainly add to your experience.


Gary CVGary Langstaff is certified as an Advanced Cruising Instructor with the Canadian Yachting Association (SailCanada) and has been teaching sailing at all levels, from Basic and Intermediate Cruising to Advanced, including all aspects of navigation and racing for over 35 years. He is an avid racer and participates year- round in the sport.

Although he is most familiar with the cruising grounds of the Pacific North West, Gary has worked as Captain of a sailing yacht in the Caribbean, performed numerous yacht deliveries and has cruised the Pacific from BC to Southern Mexico.  He is also a member of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue.

Dave Aalmond, Sailing InstructiorDavid Almond is a former RYA Yachtmaster Instructor from the UK, where he taught sailing and offshore racing at three of Britain’s principal sailing schools. Now settled in British Columbia for more than 20 years, Dave is now an ISPA cruising instructor.

In some 30-odd years of teaching sailing, David has lost count of the many people to whom he has introduced the joys of his favourite pastime. As a life-long wildlife enthusiast, David is knowledgeable about the marine mammals and birds that accompany us on our sailing adventures.

Philosophy: Blackfish is a proud member of Earth Foot, a society dedicated to low-impact eco-tourism - sail and tour operations which are owner-operated and respectfull of our wonderful and fragile marine environment.

We support, a conservation organization located near Bella Bella that is dedicated to protecting wildlife and their habitat in this region through research, advocacy and public awareness.Check out Pacific Wild's website and Facebook page and consider supporting their work.


Our Boats: Our primary "cruise and learn" vessel is a 35 foot Beneteau cruising sloop called the "Ibis". She is modern and comfortable, and features the full range of equipment required for safe passages and instruction. Blackfish, our F27 Corsair Trimaran is designed primarily for racing and day cruising. She will provide you with a good introduction to the world of multi-hulls, and their reputation for exciting sailing.


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